End Impunity and Inequality in Our Judicial System

Seeking Justice in the Randall Daluz Case

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!”
A quote from Martin Luther King

Protecting the Rights of Wrongfully Convicted Individuals

No truer words have been spoken. Many of us do not realize how easily our freedom can be taken away until the unthinkable happens and we are fighting for our life against an unjust and grossly corrupt court system. I am one of the thousands of victims of that system. This site is the gateway to my own story of the battle I am currently in with that system. I aim to educate visitors on how easily your freedom can be taken in the so-called “land of the free” and also how hard it truly is to get it back. What you will learn here will both educate and shock those of you who are not aware of just how bad this system is.


My name is Randall Daluz. I am an innocent man who was wrongfully convicted. The focus of my current appeal is the inadequate representation I received during my unfair farce of a trial. My previous trial lawyer sabotaged my case by helping the State silence me and prevented me from testifying to the truth. I found out after the trial that my lawyer used to represent one of the victims on three separate cases. That is a gross conflict of interest and never should have been allowed. There is currently a statewide investigation into the corrupt and unfair practices that have plagued the Maine justice system for decades. I hope that my case will be a catalyst for change. I am seeking a new, fair, and just trial where I can be judged on my own merit and bring the truth to light. I want not only to prove my innocence but also to bring real closure by exposing the truth. What happened in my case is scary. Racial animus was inseminated into my trial. I intend to prove that the prosecution tampered with witnesses.

The police lied and filed false reports. They illegally obtained cellphone records without a warrant by providing false information to cellphone companies. I believe what happened to me during my trial amounted to a public lynching. All citizens should be wary of this because it can happen to anyone who cannot afford a proper defense. I am not alone. I am one of thousands who have been inadequately represented and sadly, one of many who have been wrongfully convicted and incarcerated. This can happen to anyone. This site has been created so that the public can read, watch, follow, and listen to updates on my pending court battles. We will present the truth. It is not the intention to cause any pain or drama to anyone affected by this tragic situation. Randall simply wants a fair chance to prove his innocence and effect real change within our broken justice system.